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Our Favorite Tunes & Songs

The goal of the first hour of our sessions (the "Song Exchange") is to build a repertoire of songs and tunes that we all know and can play together.  These folk standards are generally well known and we have heard them played at folk music festivals and sessions around the country.  Click to see a YouTube Playlist of many of these favorites.   We also welcome your additions to the list.

Tunes (Instrumental)

Irish Jigs

Banish misfortune

Blarney pilgrim

Calliope house

Connaughtman's rambles

Delaney's jig

Frost is all over

Kesh jig

Out on the ocean

Star above the garter

The black rogue

The rolling wave

Quebecois Reels

Joys of Quebec

Saint Anne's reel

Irish Reels

Father Kelly's

Flowers of Edinburgh

Maid behind the bar

The little beggarman (Red haired boy)

The Silver Spear

Toss the feathers

Wind That Shakes the Barley

Old Time Fiddle Tunes

Angeline the baker

Arkansas traveler

Big Sciota

Blackberry Blossom

Cherokee Shuffle

Cold Frosty Morning

Flop eared mule

Forked deer


Over the waterfall

Red Haired Boy

Salt Creek

Spotted pony

Whiskey before breakfast


Fisher's hornpipe

Flowers of Edinburgh

Harvest home

Off to California

Quilty hornpipe

Sailor's hornpipe

The rose tree

Other Tunes

Ashokan Farewell

Coleman's March

Jim Keef's Polka / John Ryan's Polka

Si Bheag, si Mhor

The Butterfly

Favorite Songs
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