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The Dutch Sessions Tune Book

A terrific collection of the tunes most commonly played at Irish sessions.



From the book: "What you see before you is a much bigger and therefore much better version of my
tunebook. There’s a handful of extra jigs and reels, but most of the new tunes are
hornpipes, polkas, slip jigs, waltzes and other types of tunes that were sadly absent
in the first edition. Almost all of the tunes now have a small caption text that tells a bit
about the history of the tune, describes possible variations or states random funny
facts when I couldn’t think of anything music-related to say.
The tunes are loosely ordered based on their difficulty (or at least my estimate of the
same, which should not be taken too seriously), ranging from the absolute beginner’s
tunes in Part I to the half-advanced tunes in Part II. "



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